SSAA Contacts
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Your Board of Directors includes the following members. We list their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Please contact them if you need more information about the Syntex Syva Alumni Association.


Vel Kuftinec, President
tel: 650-691-9348, e-mail:
Tom Moran, Vice President
tel:650-964-6899, e-mail:
Carolyn Lyon, Treasurer and Membership
tel: 650-598-0249, e-mail:
Mary Mulkins, Recording Secretary
tel: 650-941-2989, e-mail:
Bonnie Wagner, Corresponding Secretary
tel: 408-296-6971, e-mail:


Rich Bastiani
tel: 408-354-3322, e-mail:
Jackie Brown
tel: 650-948-2378, e-mail:
Linval DePass
tel: 650-855-9164, e-mail:
David Ellis
tel: 408-717-0566, e-mail:
Kim Graham
tel: 650-965-8180, e-mail:
Bonnie Horner
tel: 650-967-7277, e-mail:
Carolyn Peterson
tel: 650-740-7092, e-mail:
Rick Salazar, (Memorabilia Chair)
tel: 650-224-7715, e-mail:
Kent Stormer, tel: , e-mail:
Bill Taylor, (Webmaster and Photographer)
tel: 650-329-1569, e-mail:

Legal Advisor:

Gerry Blaufarb
tel: 650-941-4124, e-mail:

Newsletter Editor & Design:

Gerri Smoluk
tel: 408-313-2947, e-mail:

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